[Restaurant Ship] GALAXY [Hiroshima-Miyajima-Round cruise]


[Lunch&Dinner Cruise]Cruise to Miyajima and the "Itsukushima shrine" world heritage site while enjoying a special meal.

Miyajima Itsukushima shrine of gate is under repairing now so,it covered all of them.

Lunch Cruise


Meat Course
※The picture is an example



Hiroshima Port [Board]11:45 ~ [Depart]12:00 ~ Miyajima Port [Arrive/Depart 13:30] ~ Hirodhima Port [Arrive] 14:30


Galaxy Lunch Price(includes fare,meal,tax,service)
Meat Course 7,500YEN
Fish Course 7,500YEN
Chef's speciality full course 12,000YEN


 ※Please tell us if you have some allergic food or something you can't eat at booking time.







Roast beef Sandwich Set
※The picture is an example


2F deck space



Hiroshima Port [Board]11:45 ~ [Depart]12:00 ~ Miyajima Port [Arrive 13:30]


Deck Curise Plan
【One way use】
Price(includes fare,meal,tax,service)
Roast beef Sandwich Set
with One Drink


 ※Use is 2F deck space.(Not inrooms. No air conditioning.)
 ※Boarding section Hiroshima Port 12:00 departure ~ Arrival at Miyajima Port 13:30 One-way use.




Dinner Cruise


Dinner Course
※The picture is an example




◆Dinner Cruise(Wednesday - Friday)

  Hiroshima Port [Board] 18:35 ~ [Depart] 18:50 ~ Hiroshima Port [Arrive] 21:00

◆Dinner Cruise(Saturday and Sunday and holidays)

  Hiroshima Port [Board] 17:35 ~ [Depart] 17:50 ~ Hiroshima Port [Arrive] 20:00


Galaxy Dinner Price(includes fare,meal,tax,service)
Galaxy Dinner Course 9,500YEN
Chef's speciality full course 15,000YEN


 ※Please tell us if you have some allergic food or something you can't eat at booking time.


Reservations / inquiries:

  Setonaikaikisen Galaxy Reservation Center

       1-13-13 Ujina Kaigan, Minami-ku, Hiroshima

    TEL  082-255-3344



  Hiroshima Sta. Shinkansen Entrance~Hiroshima Port Access Bus

       "Hiroshima meipuru~pu" Blue Route

       meipu_en1.jpg  mr_blue_map...

    You can board with a JAPAN RAIL PASS or JR-WEST RAIL PASS!

  For more details, please refer to the link below.